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VMC425, 7.5 HP Servo Spindle

Full Production Capacity - Small Footprint

The VMC425 is a compact, full production vertical machining center that has power, speed and performance - and it won't break the bank.
The VMC425 Vertical Machining Center has a Full "safety assured" machine enclosure, with customer recommended ergonomic package that is designed with all-day operation in mind.
This small vertical machining center is built for and used in full production operations.  Also, chosen by Siemens as a featured machine in it's new "Siemens Educational Initiative".  A small vertical machining center that fits well in educational settings.

Unique VMC425 features include:
  • Closed Loop System/Servos:  Industrial level of power, precision and performance.
  • Siemens 808D CNC Control: Industrial grade CNC control with conversational programming and on-screen help guide.
  • 7.5 HP Servo Spindle Motor:  High torque, even at low RPMs - constant torque rise through speed range.  Allows for rigid tapping and spindle positioning.
  • 50-8000 RPM Spindle:  Ramp up from lowest to highest speed at the push of a button.
  • 10 Tool Automatic Tool Change System:  Automated milling operations with precision BT30 10-tool ATC. Change tools by hand fast with pnuematic "push-button" tool change.
  • High Quality Linear Guides and Ball Screws:  Increased precision and higher speed operations.  Allows for 1000 IPM feed rates.
  • Full Enclosure:  Full "Safety-Lock" enclosure keeps operator safe - contains coolant and chips during long production runs.  
  • Heavy Base and Machine Castings:  Optimal vibration damping, assuring consistent precision and excellent repeatability.
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