Gang Tool Lathes

Gang Tool Lathe - Low Cost, Small Parts Production

Small Gang Tool CNC Lathes
Tooling set-ups on a gang tool CNC lathe feature a row (or gang) of tools that are mounted on a long work table that can hold a large number of tools. Rather than being indexed, as on a turret lathe, the work table slide on a gang tool lathe repositions as each tool is engaged in the sequential steps of the part turning process.
Advantages of Gang Tool CNC Lathes
- High speed, small parts production
- Part diameter under 2"
- Most cost efficient parts production

Common Applications: Gang tool lathes are often the lowest cost machine option - with the smallest footprint. If you are making small parts, a gang tool CNC lathe is usually the most cost effective way to make plenty of parts in a hurry.

Flat Bed - Gang Tool CNC Lathe
FL300, 4 HP Servo Spindle
Extra Long X Axis Travel - 14”
Unique long bed design on this gang tool lathe offers plenty of room.  Extra Long X axis travel allows for mounting a large number of gang tools.  This high speed gang tool CNCproduction lathe comes with standard pneumatic collet system and gang plate.  Also has high-quality linear guideways, Schneider electrical components and PMI ball screws. High speed production lathe for complex operations or multiple set-ups. Plenty of room to mount live tooling.
Starting at $
FL300 Features:
  • · Siemens 808D CNC Control
  • · Servo Motors and Drives on X/Y
  • · Closed Loop System
  • · 4 HP Spindle
  • · 1.46” Spindle Bore
  • · Extended Table Travel - 14”
  • · Pneumatic Collet System
  • · 50-3000 Spindle RPM
  • · Feed Rates: 250 on X / 360 on Z
Slant Bed - Gang Tool CNC Lathe
SL280, 5 HP Servo
1100 Inch Per Minute Feed Rate
High speed, small gang tool lathe is built for production, with standard pneumatic collet system and gang plate. Slant bed design encourages efficient chip removal - along with optional chip conveyor.
This small gang tool lathe has Bosch Rexroth linear guides, Schneider electrical components, PMI ball screws, and Siemens servos and drives add up to efficiency, accuracy, and long life. Quality components are the reason we can offer an 18 month warranty on the machine.
Starting at $26,140
SL280 Features:
  • · Siemens 808D CNC Control
  • · Servos Motors and Drives on X/Z
  • · Closed Loop System
  • · 5 HP Servo Spindle
  • · 1.89” Spindle Bore
  • · 50-3000 Spindle RPM
  • · 1100 IPM Feed Rates
  • · 35 Degree Slant Bed
  • · Uni-Block One Piece Casting
  • · True Slant Bed Design