Power - Speed - Performance

Designed and built for full-production -- its small size and footprint allows it to fit in limited space applications.
7.5 HP Servo spindle drive provides power to match the machine size. 50-8000 RPM spindle speed permits a wide range of milling applications.

Generous sized work cube:  Means this stout, but nimble VMC is a hard working partner that gives you the versatility needed to fit your CNC milling requirements.
The VMC425 provides the capabilities of larger, more expensive machines in a small but robust package. Used in a variety of production and educational applications.

Performance Details:
  • Siemens 808D CNC Control
  • Servos/Drives on All Axes
  • Closed Loop System
  • 7.5 HP Servo Spindle
  • 50-8000 RPM Servo Spindle
  • 1000 IPM Feed Rate
  • BT30 Tooling System
  • 10 Tool Automatic Tool Changer
  • Full Safety Grade Enclosure
  • Schneider Electrical Components
  • PMI Ball Screws
  • Auto Lube and Coolant Control
  • Heavy Castings with Cast Base
Warranty Details:
  • 18 Months on VMC425
  • 3 Years Total (2+1) on Siemens 808D Control

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