Toolroom CNC Lathes

Tool Room CNC Lathes - Universal Turning Machines

A toolroom CNC lathe tooling set-up generally includes a chuck, tool post, and tail stock - with longer Z axis travel. Small toolroom CNC lathes provide the most flexibility when it comes to the size and types of turning operations that can be accomplished in a machine shop or production setting.
Advantages of the AutoMate CNC Toolroom Lathes:

Lowest Price - Best value - For a high quality, production small CNC toolroom lathe.
Closed Loop System/Servos - Servo motors/drives on X,Z axes. Servo spindle drive - rigged tapping, spindle location ID.
Industrial CNC Control System - Siemens 808D control system for small CNC turret lathe and turning centers.
High Quality Components - Schneider electronics, Hiwin linear guides, PMI ball screws.
Manual Turning Mode (Optional) - Operate in standard CNC mode or switch to manual operation.
Industry Best Warranty - 3 years in-field Siemens warranty on control system, 18 months warranty on AutoMateCNC turret lathe.

Heavy Duty Toolroom CNC Lathe
FTL400, 7.5 HP Servo
8” Chuck, Turret + Gang Plate, Tail Stock
Comparable in size and features to the Haas Tool Room T-1 lathe - at a much lower price. Standard with manual 8” chuck, 4-Tool Turret + 2 Tool Gang Plate. Heavy duty manual tailstock upgradable to a hydraulic unit. The unique mono-block base design weighs in at over 2 tons. Strong foundation for high precision work, on a variety of applications.
Starting at $31,400
FTL400 Features:
  • · Siemens 808D CNC Control
  • · Servo and drives on Axes
  • · Closed Loop System
  • · 7.5 HP Spindle
  • · 50-2000 RPM
  • · 600 IPM Travel Speed
  • · Travel: 11“ on X / 26” on Z
  • · Scheider Electrical Components
  • · Quality Linear Guideways

Slant Bed Tool Room CNC Lathe
STH6, 5 HP Servo
6” Chuck, 4-Tool Turret, Tail Stock
Small toolroom CNC lathe with the added advantage of slant bed design. The slant bed provides good chip flow and operator access. The chuck, turret, and tailstock set-up offers the widest range of machining options for varying part making applications. It is the most economical slant-bed-tool room lathe on the market.
Starting at $25,030
STH6 Features:
  • · Siemens 808D CNC Control
  • · Closed Loop System
  • · 1.89" Spindle Bore
  • · 50-3000 Spindle RPM
  • · 5 HP Servo Spindle
  • · Schneider Electrical Components
  • · Travel: X=12”/Y=16”
  • · Feed Rate: 320 IPM X/480 IPM Z
  • · Efficient Ergonomic Design