STL6 Overview


Parts Making - Power and Precision

High speed production lathe with precision bi-directional indexing turret - PLUS, a versatile, hydraulic actuated tail stock. Similar mono-block bed/spindle design to the SL6 with similar rigidity and precision. However, the base casting on the STL6 is a bit different, in order to accomodate the tailstock.  

The tailstock slides on linear guides that line-up in front of and parallel to the lathe bed.  The tail stock on the STL6 is not mounted on the machine ways, but on it's own set of linear ways.

The addition of the tail stock allows for machining of longer work pieces that require support during turning operations. The STL6 is a popular model for machine shops and contract manufacturers that want a CNC lathe that allows them broader capabilites.

The high quality, 8-position turret has high positioning accuracy and repeatability. Bi-directional indexing of the turret allows for the shortest indexing and cycle time.

Performance Details:
  • Siemens 808D CNC Control
  • Servos and Closed Loop System
  • True Slant Bed – Mono-Block Casting
  • Servo Spindle – High Speed/Torque
  • 2” Spindle Bore
  • 7.5 HP Spindle
  • Travel: X = 6”/Z = 12”
  • 800 IPM Feed Rate
  • 50-3000 RPM Spindle
  • Schneider Electrical Components
  • Bi-directional Indexing Turret
  • Hydraulic 6" 3-Jaw Chuck
  • Hydraulic Tail Stock
Warranty Details:
  • 18 months on STL6 lathe
  • 3 years total (2+1)on Siemens 808D Control

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