STH6 Overview


6" Chuck, 4-Turret Toolpost w/ Gang, Tailstock

Combines traditional tool room features with industry leading original bed design. Quality components and rigid manufacturing quality requirements assures that the machine will stay on track for the long haul.

Slant bed provides good chip flow and operator access. Compact design limits space requirements. High speed with accurate results - combined with "operator ease" features make this economical slant bed a good choice for shops that are looking for a versatile CNC lathe.

We are confident this STH6 is the lowest priced "quality" slant bed lathe tail stock you will find.

Performance Details:
  • Siemens 808D CNC Control
  • Servo Motors & Drives on X/Z
  • Closed Loop System
  • Manual 6" 3-Jaw Chuck
  • 4-Turret Tool Post, PLUS 2-Tool Gang
  • Tail Stock w/12" Travel
  • 1.89” Spindle Bore
  • 50-3000 Spindle RPM
  • 5 HP Spindle
  • Travel: x = 12” / Y = 11”
  • Feed Rate: 320 IPM X/480 IPM Z
  • Efficient Ergonomic Design
Warranty Details:
  • 18 months on the STH6 lathe
  • 3 years total (2+1) on Siemens 808D Control

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