SL6 Overview

CNC Slant Bed Production Lathe w/Turret

Parts Making - Power and Precision

True slant bed design, with headstock and turret designed on the same bed plane. Good design, plus heavy machine mass results in minimal thermal expansion.  The positive result is maximum precision and machined part quality.

Mono-bed design also increases rigidity - resulting in optimal surface finishes. Side benefits include reduced warm up times and less power consumption.

High quality 8-position turret has high positioning accuracy and repeatability. Bi-directional indexing of the turret allows for the shortest indexing and cycle time.

High quality precision components like Schneider electrical components, PMI ball screws and Hiwin linear guideways are built-in. Highest quality components are combined with heavy, quality castings - assuring long-term machine life and consistent results in quality part production. 

Performance Details:
  • Siemens 808D CNC Control
  • Servos and Closed Loop System
  • True Slant Bed – Mono-Block Casting
  • Servo Spindle – High Speed/Torque
  • 1.89” Spindle Bore
  • 5/7.5 HP Spindle 
  • Travel: X = 6”/Z = 12”
  • 800 IPM Feed Rate
  • 50-3000 RPM Spindle
  • Schneider Electrical Components
  • Bi-Directional Indexing Turret
Warranty Details:
  • 18 months on SL6 lathe
  • 3 years total (2+1) on Siemens 808D Control

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