SA-28 Dual Spindle CNC Lathe

SA-28 Dual Spindle CNC Lathe

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eet the new low cost option for dual sindle machining. Advantages of dual spindle/ turret machining centers include: 1) One machine is cheaper than two 2) More accurate when a machine process is accomplished one a single machine rather than otherwise 3) lower labor cost due to reduced set-up requirements. In the past, the problem with dual spindle machines has been the price-too high to justify. Z-MaT has now introduced the SA28-S Dual Spindle Turning Center. This high quality machine has the capabilities of traditional dual spindle machines-at a much lower price tag. Finally, here is an automation option you can use-and price justify.



Standard Machining Diameter: ∅40mm
Max. Bar Capacity: ∅28mm


Main Spindle Bore: ∅37mm 
Max. Bar Capacity on Main spindle: ∅28mm 
Max. Spindle speed: 3000rpm
Spindle power: 3.7Kw

Sub Spindle Bore: ∅37mm
Max. Bar Capacity on Sub spindle: ∅28mm
Max. Sub Spindle speed: 3000rpm
Sub Spindle power: 2.2kW


X Axis Travel: 350mm
Z Axis Travel: 200mm
Y Axis Travel: 80mm
X/ Y/ Z Rapid Traverse: 15/15 m/min


8 Station Pragati Turret


Weight: 1900Kg


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