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Class Location: Detroit Machine Tools Headquarters - 170 Aprill Dr. Ann Arbor, MI 48103
Please call (800-476-4849) or email us ( before the class date to reserve a seat in the class. Space is also limited. Be sure to sign up in advance!
About Our Classes
As part of our commitment of support to AutoMateCNC machine owners and operators, we offer training programs for both our CNC Lathes and our CNC Mills. (The FREE training included with the purchase of a CNC machine is provided at our location in Ann Arbor, Michigan.)
AutoMate CNC Lathe & Mill training classes will provide AutoMate CNC owners and operators with In-Class instruction and tutorial about operating their AutoMate CNC machine.  Attendees will learn how to set up and maintain an AutoMate CNC lathe or mill for optimal performance. In addition, an overview of CNC control and keyboard operation will be covered. Some detail on tool offsets, work offsets and program management are also covered. 

Open Q & A will be a part of the program throughout the day.  Each attendee will leave with an increased knowledge of the AutoMateCNC lathe machine and Siemens 808D Control system.

Programming instructions will also be included in the discussion.  You will have the opportunity to review the conversational capabilities of the Siemens 808D CNC Control. This world-class, industrial CNC Control System is gaining recognition as an up and coming player in the world of conversational CNC Programming. The selection, use and integration of CAD and CAM programs will be discussed.  Instructions on how to import that CAM program and integrate to the Siemens Control will be discussed.

A last point of discussion at the class will revolve around programming and running simulations and part program pre-testing.

While attending the class you will be able to work in the AutoMate CNC lab on an STH6 Toolroom Lathe and MT300 PRO Milling Center. Other lathes and mills that are in the showroom or machine delivery prep area on the day you attend will also be available to work with.  You will be able to see a variety of the different CNC Lathe and Mill models offered by AutoMate CNC.
Schedule for Training Classes

July 14, 2018 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
AutoMate CNC Lathe Training:

Set up and maintain your AutoMate CNC lathe for optimal performance. Overview of the CNC control and keyboard operation. Tool offsets, work offsets and program management are also covered.

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General Maintenance

  • Lubrication recommendation
  • Cabinet maintenance
  • Belts, etc…

Keyboard Introduction

  • Operating area buttons
  • Program editing keys

Machine Control Panel Introduction

  • Emergency stop button
  • Axis Direction Keys
  • Feed override and Speed override
  • CNC machine Modes i.e. JOG mode
  • Auto mode
  • Single block mode
  • MDA mode

T.S.M.- Tool, Spindle, M Codes

  • Jogging/MPG
  • MDA

Tool Offsets

  • Setting up tool table
  • Editing tool table
  • Wear compensation

Work Offsets

  • Setting work offsets
  • Multiple offsets
  • Changing DRO for current offset

Program Management

  • Importing/Exporting
  • Creating Programs


  • Conversational -- Programming Example

            Stock Removal

            Attach contour



  • Import CAM Program
  • Show programming differences between Fanuc, Siemens, combination


  • Real time simulation
  • Dry-run

Fee: $299 (Includes lunch) Ask a technician about free training when you purchase a CNC lathe

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