Three Phase Power

AutoMateCNC machines use three phase power:
Industrial grade machine tools use three phase power because of significant efficiency gains over single phase power.
NOTE: If You Need Three Phase Power:

You can purchase an American made phase converter from us for the discounted price of $650 (Regular retail price is $999). This offer applies when you purchase an AutoMateCNC lathe or mill.

This is a simple plug and perform solution for the small shop operator.
The advantage of three phase power is that your machine will last longer and operate with higher energy efficiency. Three phase power does not use more electricty than machines using single phase power.
This also applies when using a phase converter - the average 10 HP phase converter runs on around 7 cents per hour of electricity.

Getting Set Up for Three Phase Power:
Watch this video to learn more about setting up and using a phase converter.
This video clip shows the Marton Brothers using phase converters to set up their new machine shop.

10 HP American Rotary Phase Converter
PRICE: $999 $650
When you purchase an AutoMateCNC Lathe or Mill
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