Siemens Controls Three-year warranty*

Siemens Controls Three-year warranty*

*On-Site service for Siemens components only.

After the SINUMERIK 808D / 808D ADVANCED CNC system has been delivered, if there are quality issues during the warranty period relating to components, such as the CNC, servo drive, motor or cables then Siemens will replace the part and the associated on-site service is free-of-charge.

* Standard warranty period: 24-months from first delivery of equipment package from Siemens factory. Extended warranty period: 36-months from first delivery of equipment package from Siemens factory, when registration is completed within the standard warranty period.

On-Site Service for SINUMERIK 828D and 808D for covering the service cost risk

Mechanical engineering companies and distributors of machine tools and/or production machines are looking for service solutions, which reduce the cost risk concerning liability claims for subsequent rectifications of defects. Especially in export business, unplanned service assignments can lead to costs that are very difficult to calculate (e.g. travel expenses). Machine producers or distributors would also like an insurance adapted to

the duration of their liability for defects in their machines.

For SINUMERIK 828D, and for SINUMERIK 808D and the corresponding SIEMENS drive, motor and accessory components 1), a 24 months 2) on-site service is automatically included, which will be activated with the message of the second commissioning at the end user's. The On-Site Service ensures the subsequent rectifications of defects at the location where the machine is installed. This service covers personnel and material replacement costs for removing any trouble in Siemens Industry Automation or Drive Technologies products after the second commissioning at the user's end.

1) Not applicable for complete motor spindles

2) Up to 36 months max. after delivery to the factory

The 24 months On-Site Service can be renewed at cost in yearly slices of up to three years.

The On-Site services include:

  • Supply of service personnel. On-site diagnostics.
  • On-site troubleshooting.
  • Proof of the removal of the defect.
  • The troubleshooting will be carried out by repairing and/or replacing the defective components.

Siemens provides a global service network with competent service personnel for all issues concerning troubleshooting in Siemens products.

Your benefit:

  • Securing the cost risk.
  • On-Site Service can be extended to parallel the period of liability of machine defects. Planning security and calculable costs.
  • Simplified processing in case of a service assignment.
  • High machine availability rates by quick reactions to any malfunctions of the machines.
  • The On-Site Service can be extended for machine deliveries in many countries.
  • Global service infrastructure with experienced service staff.

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