CNC Toolroom Lathe

Flat Bed CNC Toolroom Lathe - Main View
Flat Bed CNC Toolroom Lathe - Manual Operation Mode
Flat Bed CNC Toolroom Lathe - Chuck and Toolpost
Flat Bed CNC Toolroom Lathe - Tailstock and MPG
Flat Bed CNC Toolroom Lathe - Rear View Work Table and Way Covers
vmc image
Flat Bed CNC Toolroom Lathe - Automatic Lubrication
Flat Bed CNC Toolroom Lathe - Spindle Bore and Coolant Collection
Flat Bed CNC Toolroom Lathe - Electrical Panel
Additional Options:
  • · Upgrade to 10 HP $270 
  • · 3500 RPM (NSK Bearings) $2,000
  • · Advanced 808D Upgrade $3,375
  • · Siemens Spindle Motor and Drive $1,675
  • · Manual Turning Operator's 
  •   Station $2,055
  • · Single Bar Feeder $3,300
  • · Automatic Bar Feeder $7,595
- 18 months - FTL400 Lathe
- 3 years total (2+1) on Siemens 808D Control

Flat Bed CNC Toolroom Lathe

FTL400, 7.5 HP Servo Spindle

8" 3-Jaw Chuck, 4-Tool Turret/Gang Plate, Tailstock
This rugged CNC Toolroom Lathe features an original design structure, with mono-block base and lathe bed casting. This FTL400 CNC Toolroom Lathe weighs in at over 2 tons. A great foundation for high precision work on a wide variety of applications.
Standard tooling set-up on this CNC Toolroom Lathe includes 8" manual chuck, 4-position turret and manual tailstock.  This universal turning center is used in variety of settings - most often in production and machine shop settings.
Comes with the Siemens 808D CNC Control with conversational programming and on-screen help screens.  High quality components include Siemens servo motors and drives, Schneider electronics and PMI ball screws.
Optional manual turning module allows the operator to set the lathe to function in full CNC mode or engage the manual turning capabilities and operate the FTL400 like a manual toolroom lathe.
Order the FTL400 Flat Bed CNC Toolroom Lathe
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FTL400 Tooolroom Lathe Machine: 
Siemens Control System (with Registration):
  • Additional 1 Year In-Field Warranty from Siemens USA
  • FREE Permanent Copy of Siemens 808D Simulator
  • FREE Access to Siemens USA Webinar Training Series
Fusion 360 CAD/CAM Program:
Price: $31,400.00
FTL400 CNC Lathe
Flat Bed CNC Tool Room Lathe
Quality Manufacturing - Superior Features

Built atop a uniquely designed one-piece solid cast base and lathe bed.  This rigid flat bed lathe provides a solid foundation for speed, precision and heavy chip removal.

High precision, power, 2.44" spindle bore and well designed, easy access ergonomic design add to the universal capabilities you expect from a top notch tool room lathe.

Comparable in size and features to the Haas Tool Room TL-1 lathe - at a much lower price.  Built to high precision standards for quality and functionality - using world standard, high quality components.  

Performance Details:
  • Siemens 808D CNC Control
  • Servos and Drives on Axes
  • Full Closed Loop/Absolute Encoders
  • 8” 3-Jaw Manual Chuck
  • 2.44” Spindle Bore
  • 7.5 HP Spindle
  • 50-2000 RPM
  • 800 IPM Travel Speed
  • Travel: 11' on X / 26" on Z
  • Ways: Linear on X / Flat on Z
  • Manual / Hydraulic Tail Stock
  • Optional: Manual Turning Mode
Warranty Details:
  • 18 months on FTL400
  • 3 years total (2+1) on Siemens 808D Control
New Videos:
FTL400 Owner Bio: Dan Medlin of Medlin Machine Works uses his FTL400 to profitably produce parts for his growing business.
FTL400 Walk Around: Experienced AutoMate CNC technician walks around the FTL400 and points out the features and benefits of this tool room lathe.
Manual Turning Module: Operate the FTL400 as a CNC machine, or switch to manual mode and turn parts as you would using a manual lathe. Expanded conversational programming capabilities.
One Customer's Experience with an AutoMate CNC FTL400: Dan Medlin talks about his experience of crashing his new FTL400. You can see by what happened to the chuck that this lathe is built to withstand years of use. That's why we can offer an 18 month warranty from the factory. These CNC lathes and mills are built from quality components with toughness as the starting point.
Larger Toolroom Lathe with Live Tooling: The AutoMateCNC FTL400 lathe is the standard toolroom lathe that our company keeps in stock. Standard Features include an 8" Chuck, 4-turret Tool Post with Extra Gang Plate, and manual tailstock.

FTL400 CNC Toolroom Lathe - Features/Benefits

Lathe Machine - Features/Benefits
Heavy Castings w/Cast BaseUniquely designed mono-block machine base and lathe bed casting is highly rigid and weighs over 2 tons. Very high weight-to-work cube ratio that assures very high rigidity, even when taking heavy cuts.
Full Enclosure w/ Safety FeaturesMachine is completely enclosed with two sliding front access doors to allow full access for large set-ups. Also has easy access panels on tailstock end, and machine back side. Electromagnetic lock keeps operator safe.
2.44” Spindle BoreGenerous spindle bore allows for pass through of large diameter stock. Easy access for optional pneumatic or hydraulic chuck.
Center Mounted Ball Screw/Way CoversEliminates torque on the ball screw - Improving dynamic properties of the machine and increasing component life. Stainless steel way covers easily cover the ways and ball screw.  Provides much better protection to the ball screw, compared to traditional design.
Manual 8” 3-Jaw ChuckWith American Standard A2-6 spindle nose chuck mount. Manual 8” 3-Jaw scroll chuck is standard option - Adaptable for pneumatic chuck or 5C collet holders.
4-Turret Tool PostElectric indexing tool post allows for convenient tooling changes using lower cost standard size tooling. Useful in small part run operations, machine shops and prototyping.
Extra Tool Gang PlateLocated directly behind the turret tool post, this BONUS gang plate allows for additional tooling set-ups. You're not limited to the tooling you can fit in the 4-tool turret tool post.
Tool Box and ToolsA set of the basic tools required for maintenance are included with this lathe. Gives you what you need to get up and running, and for routine maintenance.
Heavy Duty Manual Tail StockIn-Line heavy-duty tailstock operates efficiently and accurately.  With over 17” of travel on the tail stock and 4” of quill travel, this manual tail stock expands machine capabilities.
Foundation PadsHeavy machined leveling pads that adjust the height to keep your machine aligned and balanced. Solid multi-point contact with shop floor reduces vibrations and increases accuracy.
Drive System - Features/Benefits
7.5 HP Servo Spindle DrivePlenty of power to match the machine’s capacity. PLUS, rigid tapping and spindle positioning capabilities.
50-3000 Spindle Speed RangeServo driven spindle provides rapid speed changes, from 50 to 3000 RPMs in a single speed range. No need for changing gears or belts. Constant torque rise, even at low RPM are assured with the servo drive.
800 IPM Feed RatesFaster speeds equals higher production rates. The Siemens industrial control, axis servo drive system and linear ways provide the power and control that allows for higher speeds.
Schneider Electrical ComponentsOne reason we can offer an 18 month machine warranty is because of the recognized quality and reliability of Schneider Electrical components. Highest reliability rating - highly efficient design reduces power usage.
Safety/Operation - Features/Benefits
Auxillary Cycle StartEasy access buttons allow operator to operate pneumatic or hydraulic chuck with the push of a button. Having a second E-Stop within easy reach also adds to the safety features of this lathe.
Manual Pulse GeneratorHandheld pendant that allows operator to be independent from the main control panel. The rotating knob generates pulses that are sent to the machine control, allowing the operator to move the lathe a predetermined distance with each click of the knob detent.
Automatic Lubrication SystemLubricates all wear points during machine operation at continuous time intervals. Benefits include reduced labor and material costs and significant extension of bearing life.
Programmable Coolant SystemControl coolant flow at the control panel using standard M-Codes. Cycle times can be significantly reduced, feeding and cutting speeds may be significantly increased. Proper cooling extends life of cutting tools.
Work LightFocused lighting elements increase operator efficiency and reduce fatigue. This light is flicker resistant, waterproof, and resistant to both cooling and lubricants. It is also resitant to impacts and vibrations. 
Tri-Color Alarm LightGreen light turns red when control alarm recognizes a machining error or machine malfunction. An operator standing away from the machine is visually alerted by the activated alarm light when machining cycle is finished or machine errors out.
Siemens 808D CNC Control - Features/Benefits
Full Closed Loop/Absolute EncodersSystem directly monitors motor position and velocity in real time. The system then automatically makes corrections to assure correct tool positioning. High accuracy and maximum parts quality ensure a minimal rejection rate. Also assures smoother surface finishes.
Siemens Servos and DrivesAchieves rapid acceleration and higher speeds - Maintains high torque throughout speed range. Motor is highly efficient - and it stays cool. Quiet at high speeds, while having a vibration free operation.
Ideal for CNC BeginnersIdeal for entry level CNC users, the innovative integrative startGUIDE from Siemens provides an on-line digital help function on every screen. Helpful instructions are available anytime - at a push of a button.
Simple & Intuitive InterfaceWell designed conversational programming functions and Wizards from Siemens help streamline programming at the control panel. All Siemens 808D controls come standard with this SINUMERIK Operate BASIC functionality.
Compact and RobustIndustrial panel design with hardened features is ideal for harsh environments. Small compact design matches smaller machines tools like the AutoMate CNC line.
USB Connector Easily Handles Large FilesThis unique Siemens function allows for the streaming of large program files direct from a USB. Large files are no longer a concern - other CNC systems lack this robust level of functionality.
Built-In HelpsSeveral Siemens provided “assists” help streamline programming functions. One example would be Hot Keys. With the Hot Key function, machine operators can easily access commonly used screens using operator defined hot keys.
Model NameSTH6 Slant Bed Toolroom LatheFTL400 Flat Bed Toolroom Lathe
Max. Swing Over Bed15”20”
Max. Swing Over Carriage5.25”6.5" over gang plate, 9” with gang plate removed
Max. Length of Workpiece22”33” center to center
Machine Repeatability.0002”.0002”
X Axis12”11”
Z Axis16”28”
X-Axis Rapids320 IPM750 IPM
Z-Axis Rapids480 IPM750 IPM
Max. Cutting Speed100 IPM315 IPM
Spindle Power5 HP7.5 HP
RPM Range50-300050-2000
Spindle Bore1.89”2.44”
Spindle Nose TaperA2-5A2-6
Chuck Type5” Manual 3-Jaw Chuck8” Manual 3-Jaw Chuck
Quill Travel4”4”
Quill TaperMT3MT4
Machine Weight4300 Lbs5500 Lbs
Machine Dimensions77” x 60” x 75”105” x 63” x 70"
Shipping Weight4630 Lbs5850 Lbs
Coolant Capacity10.6 Gal17.2 Gal
Hydraulic Capacity13.2 Gal13.2 Gal
Power (Standard)220V 3 Phase Power220V 3 Phase Power
Amperage Requirements21 Amp31.5 Amp
Model NameSTH6 Slant Bed Toolroom LatheFTL400 Flat Bed Toolroom Lathe
Max. Swing Over Bed380mm508mm
Max. Swing Over Carriage133mm165mm over gang plate, 228mm with gang plate removed
Max. Length of Workpiece560mm838mm center to center
Machine Repeatability.005mm.005mm
X Axis300mm280mm
Z Axis400mm711mm
X-Axis Rapids8m/m19m/m
Z-Axis Rapids12m/m19m/m
Max. Cutting Speed2420mm/m8000mm/m
Spindle Power3.7kW5.5kW
RPM Range50-300050-2000
Spindle Bore48mm62mm
Spindle Nose TaperA2-5A2-6
Chuck Type152mm Manual 3-Jaw Chuck203mm Manual 3-Jaw Chuck
Quill Travel100mm100mm
Quill TaperMT3MT4
Machine Weight1955 Kg2500 Kg
Machine Dimensions195cm x 152cm x 190cm431cm x 160cm x 177cm
Shipping Weight2106 Kg2654 Kg
Coolant Capacity40 L65 L
Hydraulic Capacity49 Gal49 L
Power (Standard)220V 3 Phase Power220V 3 Phase Power
Amperage Requirements21 Amp31.5 Amp

Siemens Control

AutoMate and Siemens 808D
Small CNC Control Leadership
Detroit Machine Tools - AutoMate is leading the way in the development and support of the Siemens 808D CNC control matched with small industrial machine tools.
DMT has technicians and CNC programmers who are trained and proficient in operating the 808D control. DMT offers training classes and individualized training for AutoMate owners and Siemens 808D operators.
Experienced technicians are available to answer questions and offer technical support for your AutoMate machine with Siemens 808D control.
You can purchase an AutoMate CNC lathe or mill with confidence - knowing you will have the support of an organization with relevant depth and experience. DMT technicians are knowledgeable and commited to your machining success.
Features and Facts - Advantages of Siemens 808D
Familiarize yourself with the 808D control.
Proof out existing part files.
Create programs away from the machine.
Training Classes in Ann Arbor, MI

Siemens Webinars
The Sinumerik 808D Programming and Operations Manual

AutoDesk Fusion 360 and AutoMate CNC

AutoDesk Fusion 360 and AutoMate CNC

Autodesk Fusion 360 provides the CAD/CAM program that best fits the AutoMate CNC line of CNC lathes and milling machines. And, Fusion 360 is the CAD/CAM program that best fits our customer requirements.

Fusion 360 is a cloud-based 3D CAD, CAM, and CAE platform for product development. It combines industrial and mechanical design, simulation, collaboration, and machining in a single package.

AutoMate CNC has custom post processors for Fusion 360 - From concept to parts production, machining program file management has never been easier!

Fusion 360 - Design

Free Form Sculpting

Within Fusion’s sculpting environment you have the ability to start with, and modify predefined primitive shapes right alongside mechanical workflow.

Apply symmetrical strategies and manipulate edges/faces to transform primitive designs into organic shapes that are not only eye pleasing but meet technical parameters as well.

Parametric Modeling

Fusion 360 gives designers, engineers, and machinists the ability to create designs that meet manufacturing criteria involving precise tolerances. This type of modeling lends itself well to part families that require slight variations to a specific feature, or designs that require iterations on a regular basis.

Parametric modeling is a structured process where users create designs/assemblies with constrained sketch(s). Edits are typically indirect and can be accessed through the history tree, or chain. Parts and assemblies have fully defined parent/child relationships.

Key Benefits of Parametric Modeling:

  • The model design is automatically updated as changes/iterations are made
  • It is easier to predict how models/assemblies will interact with parameters as changes are made within the data tree
  • Easy to define and create families of parts
  • Manufacturing processes are streamlined - resulting in decreased production time

Solid Modeling - Direct Modeling

Solid modeling is a more flexible design process that allows the part geometry itself to be the master in determining design process and flow. There are times, most often in the concept phase of a part design, when a designer/machinist does not want a fully defined part drawing. Direct modeling does not rely on a linear “parent/child” relationship. Editing to the design model is accomplished within the part geometry itself. Not on the part’s design history chain.

Key Benefits of Direct Modeling:

  • 3D designs are quickly created
  • Edits are quick with geometry changes directly on the model
  • Very flexible within the design stage
  • Short learning curve
  • Smaller file size


Common hardware and CAD files can be directly imported into the modeling environment. With a few clicks of the mouse products from popular vendors can be added. Design details, like part number, quantity, and CAD data are automatically populated.

Fusion 360 - Design

Use Fusion 360 to create toolpaths for existing solid models, or models created directly within Fusion. Take advantage of the rapid prototyping environment with the built in 3D printing utility.

Post Processors: AutoMate CNC has already done the hard work - custom post processors for Fusion 360 are built-in. Having an intuitive, easy-to-use CAD/CAM program like Fusion 360 is a great help to the time-conscious machinist/programmer. With some practice and experience you will realize how much Fusion 360 can simplify your machine programming journey - from concept, to print, to finished part.

Good Match: Fusion 360 is a great match for AutoMate CNC machine tools. One strength of Fusion 360 is that it can take advantage of AutoMate CNC’s high spindle speed, AND, the machine’s high rapid feed rates, and cutting feed rates.

Efficient and Accurate Operations: Fusion 360 offers options for both 2D and 3D adaptive tool paths. These toolpath strategies generally have a higher material removal rate. They also assure longer tool life. Using Fusion 360 CAM to develop efficient machining programs offers the smoothest operation of your machine - improving efficiency and accuracy. AND, assuring easier operation and longer machine life.

FTL400 Flat Bed Toolroom Lathe

This lathe features a manual chuck, tool post and tailstock, what’s the advantage of this lathe over others?

The FTL400 toolroom lathe is likely the most universal lathe of all in our AutoMate CNC line-up. It is designed to be used in shops where the machine owner will likely work on a variety of projects that require a wide range in work piece size and turning set-up requirements.  The FTL400 is similar in size and function to the Haas T-1 Tool Room lathe.

You compare this to the Haas T1 Tool Room Lathe? Is that a fair comparison?

Yes, the size, power and features of the FTL400 are similar to the T1 Lathe. The biggest difference is that the FTL400 is roughly half the price of the Haas T1.

The FTL400 has proven to be rugged and durable yet, capable of holding tolerances that well match industry standards.

Will the lathe hold up? Is it good quality?

The machine base and foundation lathe bed are one single casting. This make for the most rigid and reliably stable machine design possible.  This lathe is built with top quality components and construction, that’s why we can offer an 18 month warranty on Automate CNC lathe models. As mentioned, the lathe features a Siemens control and heavy duty spindle bearings. It also uses Schneider electrical components and PMI ball screws.

How is the accuracy? Will it hold up?

This machine is designed to maintain repeatability at .0002”. This lathe is also built on a mono-block machine base/lathe bed casting design. This assures ultimate rigidity and vibration damping – initially, and for the long-term life of the machine.

What are the standard features? What are the options?

The FTL400 Heavy Duty Toolroom Lathe has standard specifications that include 7.5 HP spindle motor, 8”3-Jaw manual chuck, 4-Turret tool post, manual tail stock and 2000 RPM spindle. Optional upgrades include: a hydraulic 6"3-Jaw chuck, hydraulic tail stock, 2000 RPM spindle, different control options, bar feeder and manual turning module.

What is the manual turning module?

The FTL400 can be configured with a manual turning station mounted on the front of the machine, allowing the operator to choose between operating in CNC mode or manual mode. Good for tool room use, or for operators who are familiar with manual machining and are making the transition to CNC.

Can I set this up myself? Do I need a rigger?

The FTL400 is a heavy, bulky, cumbersome piece of machinery that should be handled with respect.  You should carefully and realistially consider your capabiliites before deciding to handle the moving of this machine on your own.  If you have a forklift that has sufficient fork length, size and load capacity, in addtion to a safety minded and well-trained operator, you should be able to safely remove the lathe from the truck it is shipped on and place it at its intended operating location. Some customers rent fork lifts and/or operaters to perform the task. 

Basic instructions for setting up the lathe are included in the operations manual. Of course, you can always call us with questions you may have.

What’s the warranty? How does it work?

Automate CNC lathes have an 18 month parts replacement warranty. AutoMate CNC will send you the proper repair parts as replacement for parts that prove to be defective.

The Siemens 808D control has a three year (2+1) “in-field” warranty that is supported by Siemens USA.

How about service, can I do it myself? What if I need technical support?

The expectation is that customers who purchase a CNC machine tool will have the adequate mechanical and electrical know-how to handle service questions as they arise. Naturally, you can call and talk to an AutoMate CNC technician with questions you have.

If you need technical support beyond telephone, on-line or email support provided by AutoMate CNC technicians, we can help you find a local technician that is willing to travel to your location to provide assistance at your expense. We may already know of a technician in your area that we have worked with previously.

This lathe uses three phase power. Why? Is there an advantage?

The simple answer is that larger horse power machines operate more efficiently when using three phase power.

The advantage of three phase power is that your machines will last longer and operate with higher energy efficiency. Three phase power does not use more electricity than machines using single phase power. This also applies when using a phase converter – The average 10 HP phase converter runs on around 7 cents per hour of electricity.

I don’t have three phase power in my shop, what am I going to do?

The best solution is to use a rotary phase converter, which plugs into a standard 220V plug and converts power from the wall into the three phase power used by the machine.

If you do not have a phase converter yourself, you can purchase a high quality American made phase converter from us for a discounted price.

This is a simple plug and perform solution for the small shop operator. Watch this video to learn more about setting up and using a phase converter:

This video clip shows the Marton Brothers using phase converters to set up their new machine shop.

Siemens 808D CNC Control

The Siemens 808D is a real deal industrial control?

The Siemens 808D is a fully functional, industrial grade CNC control system that uses software based on the same software used in Siemens' larger industrial control systems. The difference is that the 808D is designed to be used on smaller machines

Machine tools with real production capabilities, like AutoMate CNC machines, are best matched with a control system that has the power and functionality to do real production work, just like the Siemens 808D.  The Siemens 808D CNC Control and AutoMate CNC Lathe & Mills make a great CNC matchup.

All AutoMate CNC machines come standard with the Siemens 808D Basic control, which can be upgraded upon request. Other control options include the Siemens 808D Advanced and Siemens 828D controls. Those that prefer using a Fanuc system can order any of our lathes or mills with a Fanuc Oi Mate TD CNC Control.

It says AutoMate CNC machines have servos. Is that true, even at this low price?

Yes, all AutoMate CNC lathes and mills use servo motors and drives on all axes. The biggest advantage of servo drives over steppers is the degree of accuracy and repeatability that can be accomplished. 

Other advantages of servos include: Rapid acceleration and higher speeds  2) High torque throughout the speed range 3) High efficiency  4)  Stay cool during long operations  5) Operate at very low noise levels – even at high speeds. Vibration free operation is one important reason for this.

PLUS, this control has a full closed loop system with absolute encoders?

Yes, this CNC control is a closed loop system. A servo-driven closed loop system is significantly more accurate than steppers or servo driven step and drive systems. A full closed loop system with absolute encoders sends commands from the control out to the machine and then completes the communication process by sending data back that updates the control as to where the machining process is at any given time. 

The system directly monitors motor position and velocity in real time. The system then automatically makes corrections to assure correct tool positioning. This assures high accuracy and maximum parts quality. PLUS, it assures smoother finishes and a reduced reject rate.

Does the control have conversational programming?

Yes, you can program standing at the control panel using fill-in-the-blank style forms. Each form has a graphic demonstration of the machining process you are programming. The control interface features include standard programming patterns like bolt hole circles, linear rays, full-contour definition, peck drilling, tapping, etc.

Do AutoMate CNC lathes and mills have a servo driven spindle? What’s the advantage?

Yes, all AutoMate CNC machines have a servo driven spindle, exactly like the spindle drive motors used on larger, industrial CNC machine tools. A servo driven spindle provides much better torque, and assures constant torque throughout the speed range, even at low RPM. 

Servo motors with an encoder are able to continually identify the exact radial location of the spindle shaft. This makes the servo driven spindle capable of rigid tapping, a function that most machine operators will eventually find a need for. The servo also allows for spindle positioning – an important consideration when using live tooling.

So, this lathe can rigid tap?

Yes, AutoMate CNC lathes and mills can be easily programmed to do rigid tapping operations.

Does the Siemens 808D handle larger programs well?

Siemens has a unique function that allows for the streaming of large program files direct from a USB. Large files are no longer a concern - other CNC systems lack this robust level of functionality.

Will this CNC Control work with my CAD-CAM system?

Yes, the Siemens 808D control has post processors for all CAD-CAM systems. If you are having a problem we will work with Siemens USA to resolve the issue.

What about training?

When you purchase an AutoMate CNC lathe or mill you receive free tuition (Value $299) to attend a day long basic programming and machine set-up class that we hold at our location in Ann Arbor, MI. Siemens USA also has many training webinars on their website.

I noticed that Siemens has a simulator for the 808C control. Is this helpful?

Yes, definitely. You should take the time to download the FREE Siemens 808D simulator on your computer. Spend some time getting to know the control system. Only with a little experience will you be able to see that the Siemens 808D control is as powerful and easy to use as other industrial CNC control systems on the market. 

Many customers continue to use the simulator after their machine is set up and making parts.  Owners use the simulator to develop machining programs while at their computer, rather than at the control panel. Once programs have been written and tested they can be easily transferred to the machine control via USB drive.

Machine Shipping

Machine Shipping Information

Click each heading to see drop down info

- Basic Shipping Info -

AutoMate CNC machines are large. bulky and can weigh up to 5000 lbs. The potential for damage to a machine or injury to shipping personnel or bystanders is significant. These machines require special attention throughout the transportation process.

Four Methods of CNC Machine Shipping Include:

1) Basic Truck Freight Delivery - Foam Protected and Wrapped Machine
2) Basic Truck Freight Delivery – Wooden Crate Protected Machine
3) Advanced Truck Freight Delivery – Separated Divider w/ Non-Stop Delivery
4) Flat Bed Truck Delivery – Direct delivery of protected and tarped machine

**All Trucks Used by AutoMate CNC to Deliver CNC Machines are Equipped with Air Ride Suspension Systems. We want to be sure your machine has as smooth a ride as possible.

**AutoMate CNC Recommended Machine Delivery Method: Our recommendation is that each customer use the Advanced Truck Freight Delivery – Separated Divider w/ Non-Stop Delivery for shipping of machines they purchase. This method is a little more expensive, but we can, and will provide assurance that the CNC machine will be delivered safely and without damage.

Customers who decide to use Basic Truck Freight Delivery can expect to receive their machine safely, but it requires more vigilance and responsibility on the part of the customer who is receiving the machine.

Determining Machine Weight and Dimensions:

Determining crated machine weight and dimensions is complicated. A number of factors go into this equation. Please allow us to help you determine the machine and shipping combination that work best for you. To get started, fill out the quote form on the website, and we’ll get back to you with a machine and shipping quote. Or, call us at 800.476.4849 – an Automate CNC technician would be happy to answer your questions.

- Fork Lift Requirements -

Fork Length:

In our warehouse operations we use forklifts with 6000 lb. lift capacity and 6’ forks. Six foot forks can be used safely with all of the AutoMate CNC Lathes and Mills, except the FTL400 Lathe. We have a set of extension we add to the 6’ forks for this lathe.

Max Lift Capacity:

The first step is to determine the weight of the crated CNC machine you are receiving from the machine specifications page. Next, check the stated lift capacity of the fork truck you intend to use. The lifting capacity of this machine must be greater than the weight of the machine you are purchasing. 

Machine Delivery Options:

You may prefer to use professional shippers and riggers to receive and set up your machine. Many larger organizations and government agencies are required to use a trained and registered machine tool rigger/mill wright.

Other Options:

If you do not have experience handling this size and type of machine we welcome a discussion about delivery options with you. Call us at 1-800-476-4849 and speak with one of our representatives to discuss the logistical solution best suited for you.

- International Shipping -

Shipping to Canada

We use a variety of transport companies for Canadian shipments. We do this to ensure you the best possible rates when going across the border. There are two different options you can consider for handling customs paperwork, duties and taxes going into Canada.

The first option is to act as your own servicing agent. We will sell you the machine, and contacting a broker and handling customs duties, taxes and fees is up to you.

The second option includes an all-inclusive package where we take care of everything for you. Your job will be to prepare to receive the machine when delivered.

Shipping to Other International Locations

For international shipments of AutoMate CNC lathes and mills we use Mid-America Overseas as our broker. We will quote and ship to the port nearest you. Forwarding of the machine from the port to your door will be your responsibility. Please provide valid contact information and a ship-to address when requesting a quote for shipment to a location outside the US and Canada.

Four Methods of Machine Delivery - Options

1. Basic Truck Freight Delivery – Foam Protected and Wrapped Machine

In general, AutoMate CNC Lathe and Mills are small enough to fit into standard sized freight trucks. Also, the weight of most machines is less than the maximum 5000 weight of an individual delivered item, as stated by most truck freight companies.

We have delivered tens of thousands of machine tools by truck freight through the years. So we know it can be done safely. We also know that the size and weight of these CNC machines brings additional risk of damage to package and/or person.

Loading Dock or Direct From Truck: The first consideration for Truck Freight delivery is availability of dock. The easiest way to unload a CNC machine direct from a common freight truck by using a loading dock with adjustable dock plate.

If you do not have a loading dock you can still receive a machine via truck freight delivery. In this case you must arrange with the AutoMate CNC technician to have the machine placed on the back of the truck for delivery. A forklift can drive up to the truck on the ground and lift the machine out of the back of the truck.

Fork Truck Requirements: (See Details Above).

If you're unsure of your personnel or fork lift's capabilities, please contact a local rigger for assistance.

Receiving the Machine: Prior to receiving your machine you will receive an email from with us with instructions and pictures of the machine just before it is loaded on the truck to leave our warehouse.

When the machine arrives you should compare these emailed pictures to the look of the machine packaging when it arrives. You must note any damage to the lathe or mill on the bill of lading before the trucker leaves in order to be able to hold the trucking company liable for damage before it arrives at your location.

It is similar to doing a walk around of a rental car before you sign to accept it. You must note any damage to the machine on the truck company’s bill of lading before signing for acceptance. It will be assumed that any damage that is noted to the machine at a later date will have happened after the machine arrived at your location.

2. Basic Truck Freight Delivery – Wooden Crate Protected Machine

There is a way to deliver a CNC machine by truck freight that entails less risk. A second option that carries greater assurance of safe delivery is to build a wooden cross-member crate around the machine before it ships. We charge $300-500 to build a crate around the CNC machine and pallet.

The terms of delivery for a machine with crate are the same as for a CNC machine that is foamed and wrapped. Be sure to read the section just above, to learn about shipping a CNC machine by Truck Frieght.

Receiving a CNC Lathe with Wooden Crate: The procedure for receiving a machine with crate is the same as if you had shipped the machine without a crate.

You will receive pictures of your machine as it sits in its crate on the delivery dock before leaving our location. You should compare the machine you receive with the pictures. It’s a good idea to take pictures of the machine as you receive it.

Any damage to the machine or crate must be noted on the trucker’s bill of lading before he leaves your location. It is assumed that any damage to the machine noticed after the machine is delivered to your location will have occurred after the machine was delivered.

3. Advanced Truck Freight Delivery – Separated Divider w/ Non-Stop Delivery

To assure safe delivery of your CNC machine, while still relying on standard Truck Freight Delivery, the best way to have your machine delivered is with “Separated Divider”. This shipping method is more expensive, but we can provide the assurance that your machine will arrive without damage.

Process of Shipping with Separated Divider: The actual process of preparing and shipping a CNC machine by this method is straight forward. We will negotiate a delivery quote from our shipping Company, ESTES TRUCKING for your machine delivery. Should you accept this delivery method we will prepare the machine for shipment with standard foam and plastic wrap protection.

Delivery of Separated Divider Shipment: When the machine is loaded on the truck at our location it will be placed in the front of the trailer, just behind the cab. After strapping the machine down the driver will place a set of metal bars – the secure divider system – between the two walls of the trailer.

No other freight will be able to make contact with your machine. Your machine will not be moved to another truck before it arrives at your location. It will be a direct shipment from our location to yours. It’s a bit expensive, but you can rest assured your machine will arrive safe and ready to go to work.

4. Flat Bed Delivery

Flat bed delivery makes the most sense when you don’t have a truck loading dock. Many of our customers in rural locations opt for delivery by flatbed truck.

Fork Lift and Unloading Area: The rules for having an adequate fork lift stated above in the Truck Freight Delivery apply for flatbed truck also. Be sure to read the section about fork truck requirements.

Fork Truck Rental: It is common for customers who don’t have a forklift to arrange for rental of a forklift on the day the machine will be delivered. Let us know if you need assistance in renting a forklift and driver, if you don’t have experience.

To receive a delivery by flatbed truck your location must be accessible by the truck and trailer tandem. The driver must have a path to drive through or turn around in while at your location. There must also be room for the fork truck to move in from the side of the trailer to lift and remove the machine tool.

One other note of caution: The ground must be hard enough to handle the weight of fork truck and machine. Soft dirt or gravel are not an adequate foundation for moving a machine tool and delivery vehicle.

Receiving/Inspection: The CNC machine will be covered by a tarp while it is traveling. The machine is well protected using this type of delivery, so you should not expect to have damage to your machine.

However, it is still the responsibility of the person receiving the machine to fully and carefully inspect the machine for damage. Any damage should be noted on the bill of lading before accepting the machine as being delivered.

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