CNC Mill Manuals

Current AutoMate CNC Milling Machine Manuals Include:
General Guidelines for -- 
  • Mill - Machine Requirements
  • Mill - Receiving and Inspection
  • Mill - Lifting and Moving
  • Mill - Electrical Guidelines
  • Mill - Pneumatic Guidelines
  • Mill - Hydraulic Guidelines
  • Mill - Extensive Programming
Machine Specific Guidelines -- 
  • Powering Up the Mill
  • Homing the Mill
  • Setting Up Mill Tool Offset Tables
  • Setting Up Mill Work Offset Tables
  • Wiring Diagnostic Diagrams
  • PLC Diagnostic Codes
  • Parts Diagrams
(Repair Parts are available for all the milling machines detailed on the website)
We are currently working on a Quick-Start Guide for each of the Milling Machines – with expected completion date of January 15, 2018.  If you purchase an AutoMate CNC Mill in the meantime, you will be emailed information to assist in your machine arrival and set-up.  Our technicians will also be on the phone with you to answer any questions as you receive the mill.
Quick Start Guide for Each AutoMate CNC Mill Model Will Include:
  • Detailed Footprint Drawings for Shop Floor Location Planning
  • Machine Arrival and Inspection Guidelines
  • Milling Machine Placement and Set-Up
    • Electrical Connections
    • Pneumatic Connections (if Applicable)
    • Hydraulic System Overview (If Applicable)
  • Power-Up
  • Operation and Component Verification
MX200 Operator's Manual
MT300 PRO Operator's Manual
VMC425 Operator's Manual
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