Manufacturing in America

Manufacturing in America

Of course, people ask if our machines are made in the USA. We certainly wish we could afford to build these machines in the USA. We have certainly tried; so far it hasn’t been practical.

An Important Point to Consider:

The most important consideration for many of our customers, small manufacturers and independent craftsmen is the price of their equipment. To be competitive, you need to have lower priced production costs than your competitors. It’s a simple equation.

Building the Best – In America:

Our goal is to provide you with the very best CNC machinery and systems - at the lowest possible prices. American manufacturers can be competitive in world markets. We need to combine our unique entrepreneurial spirit and drive – with the lowest cost production inputs.

This is how business works - and American manufacturers have the opportunity to be competitive.

The AutoMateCNC advantage:

The unique AutoMateCNC advantage is our 30 years of experience sourcing the highest quality machine tools from the best manufacturers.

Our company founder has extensive work experience in the world of manufacturing machinery and is recognized for his expertise in sourcing the best small machine tools at the lowest prices.

Comments from an AutoMateCNC Lathe Owner & Manufacturer:

“The goal is for my products to be profitable – and price competitive. I know I can build it better. Now, with my AutoMate CNC Lathe I can build it cheaper.

To be competitive I can’t be too high-minded about where my equipment comes from. It needs to be reliable and do the job well.

My big concern is what I can do with the equipment I have. I am an American manufacturer, and that means something. I am determined to show that I can be competitive. That part is up to me.”

AutoMateCNC Owner
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