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Greetings to our Machining Friends:

The time does fly. Looking at this picture of me (below), I can’t believe how fast it’s all gone by. It’s pretty clear I’ve been at this business for a while.

My daughter stopped by and I showed her the picture. Her comment was, “Yea Dad, you ARE old.” My comment back? “You’ve grown up a bit yourself!.” She was five years old when I started this business.

Before Machine Tools:

While in my twenties, I was one of the young pioneers that ventured in as China opened up. For a couple of years I lived in Taiwan. That was a great opportunity to learn the Chinese language and culture. College and graduate school followed, studying Production Economics with an Asian twist.

My first career landing was in our nation’s capital, working at the Central Intelligence Agency as an Economic Analyst for China and the Far East. China was opening and it was a high profile time to be working with that part of the world.

In time, business called. My father was a successful farmer and entrepreneur, and growing up with him gave me the bug.

30 Years of Machine Tools:

Our business started as a John Deere farm machinery dealership. Opportunities came and we moved into machine tools, specifically Smithy and “Tools and Training for Independent Craftsmen”.

For the last dozen years or so we have continually developed company expertise in small CNC machine tools. We started with hobby machines, sold under the SmithyCNC brand. Now we are moving strongly into small production CNC machines.

A Great Future – American Small Manufacturing

Please allow me to give a quick projection, based on my experience and life’s work. China is losing its competitive advantage in manufacturing (I’ll comment on this more at a later date).

American small manufacturers now have the advantage and opportunity to grow as entrepreneurial manufacturers. We CAN compete in world markets for manufactured goods.

It is happening already. Manufacturing is returning to North America. We know because we get the phone calls.

The AutoMateCNC Advantage:

Currently it isn’t practical to build small machine tools in America. You can probably also sense that it wouldn’t be cost-effective – at this time.

Small shops and manufacturers need low prices on production machinery to be competitive. Our goal has always been to provide quality machine tools at low prices.

We have gone out and sourced the best combination of high quality and low price in small production CNC machine tools.

AutoMateCNC offers the best package for:

1) Small Production Machine Tools

2) Industrial CNC Control with Conversation Programming

3) Practical and Easy-to-Use CAD/CAM.

We offer this CNC machining package at a price that most people consider to be unbelievably low. We can do this because we have the experience to source the best, and at the lowest price.

In Conclusion:

America is at a crossroads. Business opportunities abound if we will each energize our individual creative spirit and “good old American ingenuity”. We believe in America’s greatness – as a country and as the world’s manufacturing leader, and we are doing our best to support America’s continued growth in world manufacturing leadership.

Best of luck with your ventures!

Give us a call.

Joe Christensen

President and Founder

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