Eastern Oil Coolant - Free 5-Gallon with CNC Purchase

We began our partnership with Eastern Oil Company to provide Quality Coolant Options for our customers
Watch this video to learn more about how to check your Coolant Concentration and how to use a Refractometer
FREE with purchase of an AutoMateCNC Lathe or Mill
5 Gallons of ExcelCool 466
Synthetic Coolant
ExcelCool 466 is a chlorine free, semi-synthetic concentrate for moderate to heavy duty machining. The coolant is designed for use in a variety of grinding and cutting applications on cast iron, high strength steel alloys, stainless steel, and most non-ferrous substrates. The coolant contains a combination of wetting, lubricity, and extreme pressure additives that have shown excellent resistance to biological degradation. Solutions of ExcelCool 466 will readily drop fines, reject tramp oils, and maintain a long and odor-free sump life.
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