CNC Milling Machines

Three Small CNC Milling Machine Models

Small CNC Milling Machine Models

Which Model Best Fits Your Machining Requirements?

CNC Milling Machines MX200 Small CNC Bed Mill
 Starting at $21,578
CNC Milling Machines VMC425 Vertical Machining Center - CNC Milling Machine
Starting at $32,510
AutoMate CNC Milling Machine 
Standard Features:
  •     Siemens 808D Basic CNC Control
  •     Closed Loop System with Servos
  •     Servo Driven Spindles
  •     Quality Electrical Components
  •     3-Year Siemens USA In-Field Warranty
  •     18 Months Machine Warranty

New Videos:
MX200 Walkaround: Experienced AutoMate CNC technician walks around the MX200 CNC milling machine and points out the features and benefits of this small CNC mill.
MT300 PRO Walkaround: A walk-around overview of the MT300 Pro CNC milling machine.  Unique features of this small semi-enclosed mini VMC.
VMC425 Walkaround:  General overview of the production grade features on this small VMC CNC milling machine.  Full production capability in a smaller footprint.
AutoMate CNC – Low Cost, High Value CNC Machines
Production Grade CNC Mill - At Personal CNC Prices
AutoMate CNC mills are designed and built to provide a production grade CNC milling machine at garage shop prices. These low priced, high capacity CNC mills are built using premium grade components . Quality inputs and manufacturing are the key elements to making each of these CNC milling machines a top of the line production grade machine.
When you purchase a top quality AutoMate CNC milling machine you also get industry leading Detroit Machine Tools CNC service and support. DMT/Smithy has a long tradition of providing industry leading service to the CNC milling machine market.
Closed Loop System - Servos - Conversational Siemens CNC Program:
These CNC mills come standard a closed loop system that features the Siemens 808D CNC Control with Conversational Programming and On-Screen Programming Help Guide. This industry grade CNC control is designed to allow small CNC milling machines to operate just like other larger CNC mills. This conversational CNC control from Siemens is easy to use and designed to make your small CNC milling machine produce high quality, low cost parts.
To top it off, all AutoMate CNC machines come standard with servo driven spindles and plenty of power.
Industry Leading Service Support & Warranty:  
Our “Industry Best” warranty includes a three year in-field service warranty from Siemens USA on the 808D control. AutoMate CNC provides an 18 month parts replacement warranty on all CNC milling machines.
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