Carbide Lathe Bits


Turn at higher speeds with these carbide tipped tool bits. While superior for high heat and high speeds, carbide is more brittle and must have adequate support in your toolpost. 7/16" Shank.
43-002Carbide Cutter AL7 7/16”$2.09
43-003Carbide Cutter BR7 7/16”$2.09
43-004Carbide Cutter BL7 7/16”$2.09
43-005Carbide Cutter E7 7/16”$3.00
43-011Carbide Cutter AR8 1/2”$2.99
43-012Carbide Cutter AL8 1/2”$2.99
43-013Carbide Cutter BR8 1/2”$2.99
43-014Carbide Cutter BL8 1/2"$2.99
43-015Carbide Cutter E8 1/2"$2.99
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