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5/7.5 HP Servo Spindle

8-Tool Turret - 6" Manual Chuck - Manual Tailstock

The casting design of the STL6 slant bed CNC turning center with tailstock is a little different from the SL6, in order to allow for the placement of the tail stock  Thetailstock on this slant bed CNC turret-tailstock latheslides on it's own set of linear guides which are positioned at the front of and parallel to the right end of the machine bed.

The STL6 still has the same true slant bed design as the SL6, with the headstock and turret designed on the same bed plane. The STL6 slant bed CNC turning center with tailstock also has similar dimensions and features to the SL6, including the high quality Pragati bi-directionsal turret.  The STL6 base design is a heavier, to increase rigidity when turning longer workpieces.

As with all AutoMate CNC lathes, the STL6 features a closed loop system with servos and Siemens 808D CNC control with conversational programming.  The STL6 also has high quality components like Siemens servos and drives, Schneider electronids, PMI ball screws and Hiwin linear guideways.

The STL6 slant bed CNC turning center with tailstock comes standard with a manual chuck and tailstock. An optional hydraulic chuck and hydraulic tailstock are available. Using a hydraulic chuck can significantly increase operational efficienty. Tests have also shown that using a hydraulic tailstock can reduce set-up time by up to 90% over the use of a manual tailstock.
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