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5 HP Servo Spindle

5" Chuck, 4-Turret Toolpost, Tail Stock

Built to high precision standards, the LTF5 flat bed lab-TURN CNC lathe is built on a heavy cast base and stand.  This LTF5 has additional features that qualify this rugged, robust lathe as a production grade CNC lathe.

The added advantage of this lathe is it's narrow foot print that allows it to fit through a 3' door.  This narrow lathe is perfect for small shop settings where you've been wondering how you'll fit a machine in.

The heavy, 33" wide cast base on this flat bed CNC lab-TURN lathe weighs over a ton.  Get real-world industrial precision results from a machine that has a foot print of under 20 square feet.

The LTF5 has a closed loop system and servo drives - allowing for rigid tapping and spindle location ID.  This lathe comes standard with the Siemens 808D CNC Control with conversational programming and on-screen programming assists.

The LTF5 flat bed lab-turn CNC lathe has the same components and features of our other industrial grade machines - like Schneider electronics, Siemens motors and drives and PMI balls screws.

The difference with this machine is that it is designed to fit in small places.  Great for small R & D shops or production settings that are in small, narrow spaces.  Also works well for education and home shops.
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