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Pneumatic Collet Chuck - Gang Tool Table/Plate

The FH30B small CNC gang tool lathe has features that make it comparable to production CNC gang tool lathes on the market - BUT, it is generally smaller and has a lower price than these other gang tool production lathes.  

Like the larger AutoMate CNC lathes, the FH30B has a closed loop system and servo motors/drives - allowing for rigid tapping and spindle positioning.

This small CNC gang tool lathe is smallest of all the AutoMate CNC line of production CNC lathes.  However, it has the same high quality components that are found in larger AutoMate CNC turning centers - such as Siemens CNC Control, Schneider electronics and PMI ball screws.

The FH30B small CNC gang tool lathe has a foot activated pneumatically controlled collet system, and gang tool table.

The FH30B is the lowest cost small parts production lathe you are likely to find.  But, it still comes standard with the Siemens 808D CNC control system with conversational programming capabilities.

This small gang tool lathe is built for full production of small diameter turned parts.  It also fits well in vocational labs - and is a popular option for garage shops, where price is a big factor.

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